Surprise parties are a great way to fte the one you love, especially on a milestone birthday like 40. Neither of us are keen on adoption. Im not a woman who welcomes or even wears jewelry gifts, but I would wear this pendant if my husband gave it to me. I have two boys,9 and 6. and this year means so much to me and my family.. I agree completely! . Oh, and if you wake up feeling like crap tomorrow, its not a hangover thats just what its like being old. The biggestlesson from my experience turning forty: dont believe any woman who saysshe says she doesnt want a gift for her 40th birthday. I have always wanted to blog but keep putting it off thinking I have nothing valuable to offer. If you could have or do anything as a 40 year old woman, what would you create? I think all these worries have dragged me into a state of depression as I just am not happy with where my life is and at 40 I truly hoped I would have been in a different place in life. Im a quiet, introverted, introspective writer. If you're coming up on this milestone birthday and you're unsure of how to celebrate it, we gathered some 40th birthday ideas to choose from. They say 40 is the new 30. Ive been looking for ideas, trying to plan a small chic cocktail for my 40th and wanting to celebrate, yet I didnt feel deeply convicted about any of the ideas my sisters and friends suggested. I was looking for some fun activities I could do for my upcoming 40th. When I asked for gift ideas for women on Twitter, she said: Plunder the birthday womansbucket list for a novel experience you can do together.I love it! If youre a homebody, dont push yourself to leave home for an unforgettable idea for my 40th birthday. Itll disappoint you because you need to do what you love to do. Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing husband! Because theyre expensive. When I celebrated my fortieth birthday almost a decade ago, I was looking for meaningful, creative ways to honor my forties. For Christmas last year (no, I didnt have another 40th birthday! Be a bridge, a conduit. I thank you for this. The 40s are going to be great! Your post has REALLY helped me to re-center myself Most importantly focus on my relationship with Jesus & tune in to my Holy Spirit (more church, podcast sermons, be more open to His love & take action); Journal more, even when its hard.. Does she see this birthday as a new beginning, or a tragic ending? May you be a free spirit! A visual reminder or symbol to learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow is priceless. Its also very healthy to learn to play a musical instrument! When He Says "I'm Not in Love With You Anymore", 20 Comforting Gift Ideas for People at the End of Life, 8 Ways to Help Your Boyfriend When Someone He Loves Dies. Ill come visit! Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing husband! Theyre so excited and happy like the women on the Ellen show, actually. I love it, and think we should have a 40th birthday every month. The Silk Scarf Shawl Artis an exquisite andexpressive 40th birthday gift idea for women! I know God directed me here. Meow. It has an easy spring-ring closure, and the diamond suppliers confirmed they complied with the Kimberley Process to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free. Wishing to spend my 43rd birthday, not again in some motel alone with my poor beautiful son. The fact that you thought ahead, planned something different, and took steps to celebrate her 40thbirthday by doing something different will make her happy. Blessings. So, thank you! This was lovely. I love Anuschkas Genuine Leather Hand Painted Bags. In Moving to a New City Alone? I do not know that to do,should I throw a party inviting forty persons, or just best friends. It all depends on your relationship with that person, and the tone you want to convey. I am exactly the same and I prayed several times and asked God for a miracle. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your fortieth birthday sounds wonderful! Take a good look at your birthday girl: if shes not a jewelry person, then dont buy her necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets. This is a great party gift, because she can share the trivia questions with guests. If youre nervous or depressed about turning forty, find ways to celebrate with people you love. How about a trip to a destination youve always dreamed about? Is your neck sore, your body tired, your muscles flabby? This idea isnt exactly an exciting gift for celebrating your 40th birthday, but it will change your life forever. May all women who are turning forty find a renewed peace, joy, hope, and inspiration in their lives. If youre turning 40, I think you should buy yourself a fun, zippy, exciting little car. Here are some straightforward 40th birthday messages you can share with just about anyone hitting the four-decade mark. For instance, you could tease her with all the possible fortieth birthday gifts she might be getting. Most of these 40th birthday gifts are linked to Amazon, to make your shopping easy, fast, and efficient. She went to Jamaica for her 50th birthday. Other women might like to experience zip lining, sky diving, or hot air ballooning as their 40th birthday gift. Happy fortieth birthday! Writing in my journal is one of the healthiest things Ive ever done for myself. Tourists have notoriously bad reputations, but really, sometimes they see the best a place has to offer. Thank you for your comment, and for sharing my tips for turning 40 on your Facebook page! Even just one night away is an amazing birthday gift for women turning forty andyou dont have to go to a faraway place. Anuschka bags are a feast for the eyes. Here are some funny 40th birthday wishes, many of them poking fun at the persons age. For more ideas, search the internet for 40th birthday gift ideas for her. So, whats the best way to wish someone a Happy 40th Birthday? And, if you really want to, you can keep it simple and have a full-blown dance party in your own home. Is exhausting. Those are my little birthday gifts and tips to myself. Here are some messages aimed at a woman turning 40. ), but something that makes you feel good and happy to be alive. Dont expect to have an unforgettable experience on your 40th birthday or even in your fortieth year. Coping With Uncertainty, Fear & Loneliness I share why Im a gypsy and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. But if you havent gone on vacation for awhile and you love to travel, then seriously consider going away for your birthday this year. Happy Birthday to one beautiful and youthful 40-year-old! I had no right to be disappointed because he was only doing what I told him to. Thats the most thoughtful idea and only you can give it. Im more bitter and unhappy than Ive ever been. It was a brilliant idea because I met a literary agent and got a book contract to write Growing Forward When You Cant Go Back! Fertility options are too expensive. Theyre comfortable and sleek against her skin, and a luxury she wouldnt buy for herself. Time to herself, time to pursue her goals and dreams, time to center herself. Its nice to meet a kindred spirit . The vibrancy of colors, beautiful design and top-quality craftsmanship will last for many years. Nowthatis a luxurious birthday present! Get together simply to Be together. The most important thing you can do for a woman on her fortieth birthday is show her how important she is to you, and how much you care about her. Bonus points if everyone has a personalized bowling shirt to wear as they play, too. Here youll discover delightful, fulfilling ways to explore, love, and be yourself as a beautiful, sensual, fulfilled forty year old woman. Thank you for reminding me how exciting getting older can be if you embrace it. No matter what gift you buy for her 40th birthday, remember that turning 40 is a huge milestone in a womans life. Does your birthday girl love purses? Dont keep putting it off yoga is a fantastic, healthy way to get your body long and lean. Its over. Low key, introspective but encompasses who that I am! I hope you found something helpful on this list of 40th birthday gifts for women. Thanks for your comments! Lastly, focus on my health with more exercise & incorporating healthy foods; for my birthday getting a healthy cookbook for my nuwave & a new workout outfit. I wrote myself a note, and its right here new to my computer: You just need to show up. IF you wanna go get all responsible for your 40th birthday.go ahead..or you can embrace the fact that youve only lived 1/3 of your adult life to date and have plenty more to go around. I hope you come back and tell us how you celebrated your fortieth birthday! Also thank you so much for sharing number 6 and how you too cant have children and did not try fertility . Thanks! Its as simple as sharing what you experience. I hate to call you the F word, but youre forty! What I cant change is depressing me. Happy birthday to all the 40-year-old women reading this! I really did start to blossom after I turned 40 and thats one of the best 40th birthday celebrations I could ever ask for. Bars. Im going to definitely take these tips and fly might add a few more things but take my time. I dont know what tomorrow brings and cant help sometimes not to be scared. This is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women who like to open lots of presents. I loved my 40th because I felt like I was starting fresh. I think once I reach 40 I will feel okayish, but the waiting part is hard. The Anuschka purses are hand painted on genuine leather and finished with stylish top stitching. Not until I came across your article was I reminder of what I needed to do. Thank you again.. TheMulco Unisex Bluemarine Stainless Steel and Light Watch this watch is both a pretty and practical 40th birthday gift idea for her. These creative 40th birthday ideas will help you celebrate and honor the best parts of turning forty. Also, research shows that the more positive a womans attitude is towards aging, the better her physical and cognitive health will be in later years. Im test driving a Mini Cooper tonight. I hope this article has given you a few 40th birthday celebration ideas. Happy Birthday, lady! God bless you Awo. My favorite things are travel, road trips, my dog, my husband, blogging, and living in other places for short periods. The wide range of abstracts, imaginary and natural scenes, depicted in muted colors of all shades and hues, transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art. The rest of my coworkers werein their 20s. Youll never be happy or free if youre buried under a pile of stuff. Many of my friends and family live across the ocean which makes it very unlikely for me to plan the type of event I would dream to have. The three most popular ideas are: Those three most popular birthday gifts are so different! Each piece is sketched, then painted in layers to ensure long lasting quality. When I went to a womens writing conference a couple weeks ago, a woman brought hers she loved the convenience and flexibility that it offers. The best 40th birthday gift ideas are those that take women out of their comfort zone and give her plane fare to get there. Pressures from friends added tot he pressure, which I have consciously made sure I dont dwell on. I love being 42, and I dont fear birthdays at all. I feel as though I shouldnt let this birthday go by just lume that. Declutter your life. NOT my 21st wedding, I meant to say wedding anniversary. Hope your big day is positively wonderful. Try to match the right gift with her personality. I'm Laurie, creator of Uprooted She Blossoms and author of Growing Forward When You Can't Go Back. Instead, make it a goal to make good friends this year and for the next forty years of your life. If your next 40 years are half as good as the first, you will have had a pretty amazing life. I need to also focus on dropping my walls which has over the years gotten much worse, keeping me from having close relationships (w/ the exception of my amazing husband). If she hasnt tried an Apple iPad tablet, think about giving her one as a 40th birthday gift. Thank you so much for this article, it has really opened my eyes to what being 40 is all about. Your email address will not be published. Happy Birthday to someone whos Talented, Terrific, Tremendous, and Top-notch! Right after this section are unique and creative birthday experiences for women plus a fun Retro Candy Box for Women Turning Forty :-). I hope you create memories that will bring you a sense of warmth and love for the rest of your life. Her work also appears on Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Domino, Bon Apptit, McSweeneys, Vox, Tastemade, and Thrillist. Now imagine watching it from your decked-out backyard, which can be decorated with string lights, cozy blankets, and plenty of lawn chairs. I knew turning 40 was a big deal, and I wanted to celebrate with gratitude and excitement about my next forty years of life. If youve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar or any musical instrument what better time than now? About three weeks before my birthday, we went on a 15 hour road trip to be with my sick friend. I didnt celebrate my 40th birthday by throwing a big birthday bash, taking an exotic vacation (though I did get a few Happy 40th Birthday! hugs in Jamaica last week even though my birthday had passed). The people who bake and decorate cakes are absolutely amazing in their creativity and artistry, and a cake like this will be something a woman never forgets when she celebrates her 40th birthday. Sincere | Funny | For Her | For Him | Close Friend | Romantic Partner. Im definitely more of a introvert, so I prefer the quiet, meaningful, reflective celebrations. If youre not in a relationship with this birthday girl and if shes dealing with a breakup read 10 Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce. For beating myself up, losing friends and relationships along the way, and losing my Dad last july. The best way to celebrate your birthday is to do whatever makes you most happy. Im 49 now, and need tips for making a 50th birthday meaningful . So, I encourage you to celebrate your 40th birthday by getting rid of old things that dont lift your spirits, and surround yourself with beauty, joy, and light. How will you make your 40th birthday meaningful? They involve experiences, not just parties and gifts though I included gifts because part of turning 40 is knowing when and how to treat yourself well. With advances in medicine and greater awareness of health and nutrition, thats even more true now than it was in Pitkins day.
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