PLEASE LADY DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! always critical & knitpicking me to the point of insanity & aggravation, im not sure we are managable, compatible or truly in love as it says we could/should be. He is secretive, loving, caring, mysterious, egotistical, mean and i can go on and on.with all that said I am confused sometimes as to his intentions. Im a 28 year old Scorpio man. The only positive thing I have to say about him is that he saved my ass with quick talking but thats it. Yes I am. Hells to the NO! That is the area where it can get a little frustrating. Sagittarius will likely to life, possessing the compatibility; she provides a taurus or cancer. He just kept coming back regardless of the torture I put him through. RUN! Son I tried to cool it off with him but he wouldnt let me.. Good for you removing yourself from an unhealthy relationship with a man that you dont trust, forget scorpio or not. When the straightforward Virgo man criticizes the emotional Scorpio woman, problems may emerge. to be so in-tune, yall are cluless at best! Hes a Scorpio Sun and Moon, which is interesting too. I was raised by a single mom and was taught to love and respect women from an early age. When she falls in love, she jumps into the deepest pool of emotion ever known. There were sparks, magic etc as I feel and as he explains me.. We do love each other and we fight for silly stuff.. And sometimes it gets to the point where we walked out on me at a movie theater because I got mad at him and he couldnt talk to me at all. Being methodical in nature, a Virgo zodiac male and an untamed Scorpio female seem to a non-compatible pair. Whats a safe time to wait before contacting, even if just asking to catch up? There were no female friends till she came around, and to have a woman comfortable and confident enough with herself to hang out with a group of guys well lets just say she definitely had my attention from that point on. Both are water signs so the compatibility meter is high. & you decide to be friends again as if you are doing her a favor, but now she has moved on! . Its intense, and insanely addicting. Im going to attempt to shed a little light past what @ Seth said. im a virgo woman and scorpios are the only sign that can handle me i knw them like da back of my hand..the good thing about them is only the sex if u a virgo u know scorpios bring out ur sexual side..they really take u there if u know wat i mean but the bad part is they lie cheat and manipulate they love to play mind games and somehow i always end up falln for them and end up gettn my heart broke like how im feeln right now over onei currently broke it off wit da scorpio man i was just dating he play to many mind games and i still manage to fall in love wit him ugh i wish love came with a receipt or refund cus all he gave me was false advertisement like all scorpio do on the surface is wat exactly wat they want u to see til u really start to see there true colors ..he wasnt anything like i thought he was so WORD ADVICE TO ALL VIRGO WOMEN STAY FAR AWAY FROM SCORPIO MAN!!! So, fast-forward back to meeting this Virgo woman, it should come to no surprise then that in first meeting her I initially thought nothing of her. A Virgo woman's loyalty will give the suspicious Scorpio mind some peace . But no, you simply vouch for your mishap & move past it, expecting others to forgive you instantly! I got mad that I hung up and would never call me back.. Its been 3 days now I o ly see him at work but I just ignore him. I have to admit ive thought of her everyday and I need help with what you all think I should do? I HATE this about me, I DESTROYED a marriage with this trait and that is why I have a therapist now to help me get my $hit in order! Of all the Water signs, she is the one that represents the . Im scorpio with a virgo girl. We light each others fire. Bisexual. A month passed like this but there wa no change. As both the Virgo woman and Scorpio man discover the reality of love, they rediscover their soul and oneness in such a form that their odds become good and they unlock the gates of their hearts to be loyal and devoted towards each other forever after. Virgo and Taurus. Scorpio man dating a gemini woman A scorpio man. An extent, scorpio's can definitely form a scorpio man and capricorn woman: both are greatly driven by the capricorn woman with articles, and. Except Virgo from above. If he tells you he doesnt want a relationship, then he doesnt want one. No more. The more you fly your freak flag, the more he pledges allegiance. Texting, to me, is preferred over calling, because when I talk to my family and friends I dont want other people around me. Although she Virgo did have not so hot past relationships not with scorpios tho it was with an Aries male. Seeing how the Virgo woman listens to her Scorpio male, he is able to convince her that striving for perfection is a waste of time. Scorpio men can be cocky, annoying and overbearing at times, but they have a big heart, they dont give up on you, they are loyal and they are great lovers. Good luck. Come out of your conservatism nd know that we want to take you there just as much as you want to take us there. Pob 485, scorpio man is a virgo woman scorpio, this is a middle-aged woman and aquarius. Life and love Is about growing / learning and in the bigger picture evolving as individuals, as a planet and a universe. The relationship between a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman is enigmatic. He makes for a very passionate lover towards his Virgo woman giving her all the love and support she wants. Virgo man and Scorpio woman emotional compatibility. The best time for Virgo and Scorpio to create enough safety and emotion in their sexual encounters, is in the situation where they are each other's first . I HATE HIM OH GOD HOW I HATE HIM!!! However, even then, sex is the ultimate forte of these two signs when they are together, and they always do manage to perfect the art of . They are compulsive pathological liars, and have an addictive, self destructive personality. In other words, a Scorpio woman is more sexually oriented, while a Virgo man leans more towards romance. The Virgo womans independence allows these two to have a very manageable relationship with one another. We got to face it thats how they are They really good people, humble, down to earth but it is said that she can leave her man for a guy she met on the coastline. I find her (the Virgo woman) beautiful inside and out. I see that now. But im not going to give up on all Virgos because of her. Train in the gym harder, make more money to have nice things, provide safety, security and an immense showering of love by doing the things that are our mates love language. Sometimes we struggle with these stupid feelings and it is retarded how quickly we get hurt (seriously, it feels quite unmanly). I lost my self respect,felt pathetic and desperate just because, i wanted him in his life and love him more than anyone i have ever loved. That means I give my best. Yes, things with a Scorpio man can/will get complicated but the best thing about that is he will go out of his was to resolve the issue. Sagittarius and that can be mistaken to completely satisfy her. The more alone time I got with her the more I felt I got to really know her, and the more she got to really know me. A month passed like this but there was no change. He is very intense; he can reach levels of intensity that other men dont even know exists. And what of what loyalty she fkn gets me anytime I turn my back them wont talk about it and then makes it fault like well you shouldnt have been so nice to me then maybe I wouldnt have cheated bs, They always turn it back on you Im a Scorpio she a Virgo. Would like to know more about virgo woman-scorpion man affair. Im hopelessly in love with a scorpion man. I loved to hang out with him and loved how he made me feel and how I could just let myself go and be silly or whatever with out feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed! I find what a lot of people have said about us male Scorps troubling. how would you like that? either way, as the rest of you virgo women know, I AM A CHAMELEON & STRONG ENOUGH TO SURVIVE!!! 2 text messages is enough. what is it about virgo women and scorpio males?. He would do efforts to make thing work out and it will be just fine. The point about virgo ladies striving perfection is highly relevant because it seems that they cannot get over the issue that a lot of people in the world are pretty much useless or fractured in some way. Wow.Scorpios are not as bad as most of you Virgos are claiming us to be. Another Scorpio is best friends with my Aries ex. (please dont lie about this, if it doesnt make you feel this way). The best thing for us to do is not argue because its never really anything huge to be arguing about. i am so disgusted & hurt, i have been here for 2 years, made my mistakes & begged forgiveness, which even tilthis day im not sure if i received! His shit dont smell like roses!!! It also affected my relationship when I lost her because I became very lost in the pain. I just read all the comments posted here, and I must say, they are all very interesting. @ Mary-Anne: I agree with Virgette NEEEXT is the right word form him. journey in standing and came to see her just for 5 mins., sometimes used to call her without saying anything just to hear her voice, though I never said I LOVE YOU we are so close I thought she already knows, She could share everything with me for her I changed my job and came to her city I proposed one fine day then she told me she is in love with another guy. So just in the last 2 weeks things starting to heat up significantly and I couldnt hold back anymore It finally felt right to make a move. And after that, he got number of a friend of mine and started talking to her, he wanted to meet her ASAP, when i asked him about this, he just said, there is no reason. We are human. In short thats why I HATE this Scorpio. Before their approach to develop a successful relationship, it's certainly gravitate towards one another. Save. I finally conceded after playing hard to get and we just hit it off everything went well and he seemed interested in what I had to say and he has this wonderful personality that is crazy and quite similar to mine. Whereas the way of communicating seems to be all important to the virgo. For him lust is love.Dey just knw hw 2 use u and play wid ur emotions. I know there are things hes keeping to himself, but Im not tripping b/c we just started dating less than a month ago. It hasnt been a year since her passing, so the scar is very fresh and it hurts even as I type this out. If you realized it sooner, please take an action to show ur love towards virgo girl and always be thr when virgo girl needed you. We have flaws. maybe for revenge hahaha funny scorp u got to love them once u understand their full of ego and emotions!> not a very smart combination but one a VIRGO WOMAN can handle!. A Virgo woman makes love in an unsophisticated manner. Its been 2 years now. I am a virgo woman who has just started dating a scarpio man and I must say it has been great thus farI just hope all that is said about our compatibility is true..:), Your email address will not be published. You will lose them instantly because we love with no limit and hard. ( money, title on your job, or degree ) A scorpio is a actor they will only show their representative to you, you will never know who you are dealing with I know dated a male scorpio for four years. I always reread our messages and it blows me away how deep our conversations are. Not all scorpio men are bad, they have good intentions its just the way they express themselves and dont mean harm. . This goes MILES with us. be true to your hearts. I wonder if there is any advice you Virgo girls can give me. A Scorpio man and a Virgo woman combination is an excellent zodiac match. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help. Coworkers tell me he looks at me when he sees me and he looks as if he was so sad for the past few days. Thing about Scorpio is, were basically solitary and selfish, but not nessecarily harmful, unless we are given what we consider a command. My best friend is a Virgo. Then there is the erotic side of the Scorpio man who needs to release his lust and passion in the bedroom. Im great with strategy and organization its why as Virgos most of us are empaths and great in management, customer service, teaching, healing and 100 other things I could name. bt Im not going to label them as cheaters or mentally abusive. he can be so sensitive and yet such an insensitive brute at the same time. Because of this I was able to watch from a safe distance of friendship as she would bring around a new guy and then shamelessly flick them away at the first sign of a flaw. I scorpio got her virgo many gifts even sent her Virgo money while she Virgo was on these trips. I am in a friendship with a scorpio at this time and I told him i have feelings for him. We only know we can trust ourselves, we back into a corner and scheme a way out of being trapped by someone we are hurt by. I had a rotten one, and most of my girlfriends have too! They are sneaky and always doing things behind your back. He never waits around for his woman as he is self confident and lives by his rules which are sometimes hurting for his Virgo woman as she feels dejected by such attitude of her man. Lol OK that was a bit harsh, his dark sense of humor has definitely rubbed off on me. Ciao. In front of boyfriends I do care about how I present myself so making me look stupid in front of them is a good way to make me greatly dislike you. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2021 Ask Oracle. Both of them work hard at making the relationship work, especially Virgo and that is truly cherished and appreciated by Scorpio. If you need gifts see above on how to get them and what reactions will allow us to lovingly provide them. VIRGO are not only women as geminis and aqua but we are also analitical, loyal and stable a quality any zodia male goes crazy for. She in turn is utterly . On his bad days I encourage and uplift him as a wife is supposed to; and he does the same for me his wife as a husband is supposed to of which Im truly grateful and blessed.We both know nothing can stay the same forever like you said but each day we accept our flaws and imperfections and try to learn and grow together as husband and wife. Mary-Anne, wow.. What a bastard! Like what she may be . Water signs can drag you down into depression and into a well of negative emotions.All the best. RUN! Shed enever agree that we have things in common nd would get irritated if i picked them out. Virgo & Scorpio. We work together as a perfect team, well almost perfect. Nas, I already written posts but my pain is not easing off, may be I should learn to live with this feeling of acute pain hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, god bless you. Were actually very loving/ caring individuals. I dont usually comment on posts but this one i had to , im a young virgo female 19 september 21st 1994 .. and have been with a scorpio male for almost two years now he was born november 9th 1989, I wanted to say that some of the things that people have been saying on here are true.. and some of its not .. , You cant sit there and assume that scorpio males are horrible or virgo females are horrible .. and just because you got a rotten one does not mean every single scorpio male is like that, I find that living with the man of my dreams right now is the best thing i could have ever done he has saved me from so much.. But if taken seriously and understood they can make up even the biggest of problems. Mars in Scorpio man is a naturally skillful lover. As a virgo am I a perfectionist by nature? Then one day he propsed me and i accepted. The problem is that I am a very independent Virgo woman (early 40s) who loves intellectual conversations. I digress; I find so much in my life uncertain now. Once trusting of you- similar tendencies as Extroverted Evolving. It just seems unfair. I am virgo woman.. I have been bothered by recent developmemts, and decided to google the compatibility of a Virgo woman and Scorpio man. But it could never work out long term, at least for me. I am a virgo woman who was with a Scorpio man. If you dont show a scorpio the love/affection and time they deserve. No matter who they are they all the same. They may be reserved at first, but as they open up to one another, this pair will likely discover that they can connect on an emotional and physical level. . As a Scorpio woman with your eye on a Virgo guy, that's good news for you! IN FACT PERFECT! . For those of you who were cheated on by Scorpios or eft hanging..theres probably a detailed reason for that. They can share a mutual attraction where Pisceans can appreciate the fiery nature of a Scorpio woman who seeks her anchor in calm Pisces. Its not a past if you all zodiac signs keep going back to it or not learning from it. So fucking true. I try to be, but as any Scorpio being truthful about themselves will tell you we have a lot of emotions bubbling around inside, many of which are hard to pinpoint which means next to impossible to understand. But ultimately, both seem to always be withholding something from one another. It seems that i am just getting to learn this man after 17 years. Then after some time he stopped talking, i asked him whats wrong, he just said some family problem is going on. Virgo is the most healthy woman for a Scorpio to be with because she mitigates the worst traits he has naturally, without scheming to change him ( rest assured, his worst fear is being controlled, which is why unevolved scorpios try to beat people to the punch and control them first) . So please bless her and let me rest in peace. Just a day ago her exs mother passed away in a car accident at 48. Virgos if you have NO INTENTIONS whatsoever to devote yourself to your sexy obsessive scorpio then you should END it RIGHT THERE or prepare to suffer. Its like even though we were apart, our love was always there for each other. I wonder why it was so hard to make this step before? You try to be friendly and good but if they dont get want they want they leave. They joke and lie! Virgos..STOP Expecting overnight progress, it will happen in due time& if you see your Scorpio trying..acknowledge him. Personality that draw many scorps into drugs!. It just takes time and work. I said, why dont you just take a break if you want one, or why dont you just break up with me if youre no longer interested. Dont ignore red flags and call them yellow. The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is understanding, intuitive, artistic, and sympathetic. This is just based on my own experience of 44 years and 7 of which have been with a counselor and therapist. we have been on a few dates, and the atmosphere is just so intense with so much passion i feel like i cant breathe! She doesnt think the world or the man of her life owes her anything and that makes her self-sufficient. When he is ready to let something go.. then he lets it go completely. Ha Ha!! I have omitted some things; some of these things would make me look good and some probably bad. I hope he would come talk to me again because I knew he is the right man for me.. BDW age doesnt matter too because Im 27 and he is 24. Im a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women as well. He is all like you have time, i really dont, i have about 10 years left to find someone, get married, and have decently healthy children. I met a scorpio guy few months back.we hit it off amazingly. It's getting hot in here. 13 Virgo is an earth sign, while Scorpio is a water sign. She stands by him and provides him with the emotional support he requires. Im only grateful he was still there for me when I came back. Its like so crazy because this connection that I have with this mysterious, beautiful, genuine women is something that Ive never had and I am glad that I am going to spend the rest of my life with her. When you want something, dont ask for it, when we are asked for something we are mentally disordered and that lose cannon comes apart.. (Sometimes I still catch myself being a Piece of $hit). Shes smart, funny, sexy, flawed, etc I recognize shes not perfect, because hey nobody is. But after all this time he kept silent said nothing to even stop me from leaving him. ZODIAC SIGN. Sassy quotes that you to lure the every day and there is ruled by fire in love. You get my point right, Honesty goes a long way, betrayal has us become sinister I clicked on the first article I found. I definitely faked a reason to take a walk to the drinking fountain in order to get a look at this one. we are looking for an equal intelligent, human partner, who is can rationalize, caring, loving and mature!. I kept asking him to meet me, to clear things up, we made plans, but he cancelled them at end time. Beautiful relationship. This story of mine has become wordy. (though I am sad to say that things arnt how they used to be) It is lik my relationship has veen talked here. I always seem like a scorpio man looking for the scorpio women. They bring out the liveliest stellar and most flamboyant rainbow out of their romance, walking side by side, and remaining close forever. Sometimes we use aggression to mask our insecurities, thats part of the perfectionist in us. A person with both Virgo and Scorpio placements/ energy in my natal chart here. My Scorpio man and I have been together for 6 yrs. Its that we both want the last word and that doesnt work. Then after some time he stopped talking, i asked him whats wrong, he just said some family problem is going on. Let this be known they wont give you anything unless they feel youve earned it! Dont ever get haughty or think you can manipulate that guy, hes born to fight oppression and youve started a silent war already with your tone of voice and body language. I think some times I am jealous because hes so outgoing and he tells me i need to go out with my friends and dont worry about what he is doing. RUN! She is ambitious and can become very stubborn when it comes to getting what she wants in the way she wants it. This means that both signs are open to new experiences, but both are also very critical. Now you female virgos please tell me what I scorpio male am or doing or did wrong. I dont know whether I should call up and just admit everything I feel, or hope that she is single at the end of the year which she has been this far but how would you guys feel if you hook up and then the guy goes off for so long. I love my Scorpio guy very much, but his attention seems to be waning. I found him to be so alluring and mysterious I couldnt help but flirt back. Im learning the importance of communicating how I feel instead of shutting down and putting up a wall like I use to. I have many Scorpio friends and most of them male. I personally think that everyone has to look into themselves evolve. Blaming others for every mistake is just a childish way of getting out of it. Hi Virgo woman PLEASE run when you see a Scorpio male. I love him so much and I cant imagine being without him; hes the 1st Scorpio man Ive ever dated and Im wondering where has he been all my life. He used to call all the time, shared everything with me, was romantic,possesive, jealous. It's easy and scorpio man cancer and friendly relationship of a pisces and . Answer (1 of 5): generally speaking, Virgo and Scorpio are a good match. . I think at the end of the day. Never again with them. A Virgo man and Scorpio woman meekly complement each other. Both are conceited pricks with big egos so its no wonder theyre friends. I met my Scorpio man at work. I feel as if I just grasp the hands of that elusive lady named destiny if only with just my fingertips when I think about her but do I stay or let this one go? Even if he wanders for a moment he quickly returns to where he belongs. I just hope all of you out there with negative experiences know that there are two types of Scorpios: unevolved, and evolved. Can we be hard to handle? She works with clients to help them understand the . Now that shes had a taste of the relationship you two have shared and her other one with her ex, she may need some time to see what she truely wants and what her heart desires. I still feel them but i personally believe that to be in a true relationship you have to always work on changes yourself to the better person that YOU want. Same with my scorpio it is like investing in a black hole. for some naughty sensual done get me wrong, i love my scorp, but i often wonder if i truly like him! He works at the warehouse and I work as an associate.. Weh dated once and we fell in love right then and there..
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